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Our dogs are full-time pampered pet. Deep consideration is given before every breeding.

Supporting Shelters

We donate €100 from every puppy sale to a local shelter to help stray dogs find their forever homes!

Royal Lap dogs

13th Century Palace dogs

Papillons were bred to be lapdogs for high royalty, including King Louis XIVQueen Mary I, and Marie Antoinette — a practice that continued for hundreds of years. You can often find Papillons in paintings alongside these well-known historical figures — painted by many of history’s most famous artists like Rembrandt and Goya.

“Portrait of a Lady with a Lap Dog”
Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn
(July 15, 1606– 4 October 1669)


puppies for sale

We currently have one litter of 3 puppies who are starting to show their adult coat colors and who are still looking for their forever homes!

Born on September 9, 2022


Supreme Empress Eilithyia

Eilithiya has become the most human centered of all the puppies and with her all eyes are on you. She is very intelligent and has a strong personality and will-power. She easily gets jealous and needs to be in a single dog household.


Ethereal Lady Hebe

This one is the genius of the litter. Extremely smart, quiet and reserved. Hebe is shy with strangers, firmly sets boundaries and enjoys a warm lap. Hebe is a fetching fiend and will play ball for hours. This girl will be beautiful as an adult and is priced for show. Serious enquiries only.

Merciful Lord Ares

The sweetest and most well-behaved puppy in the litter. Ares is very friendly and eager to please. Suitable for a home with children. Ares white ear is coloring, he is expected to grow into a perfect, flawless red sable. This loveable teddy bear is priced for show.


Our Pricing

Our puppies are registered pedigree papillons with full vaccination, pet passport and microchip. Plus, we donate $100 from every full price puppy sale to a local shelter to help stray dogs find their forever homes.

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