Call Name: Hera
Born: April 3, 2021
Sire: Toot Sweet’s Little Lord Fauntleroy (Germany)
Dam: Nadshell Belt Shik (Belarus)

Hera is a sweet girl, happy to spend the day in a lap. Hera is naturally timid and slow to befriend strangers. Loud-noises make her nervous. Surprisingly she is fearless in many other things including boats, swimming and big adventures. We bred Hera a little early, NOT for the puppies, but instead to help Hera get over her fears. Breeding a female is well-known to change the personality of female dogs as becoming a mother helps them find their inner strength, for Hera this was the right choice and improved her outlook considerably giving her confidence she did not have before. Hera is above average in genetic diversity and was tested 100% clear of all possible genetic diseases that can be tested for.

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Precious Jewels Mio Tesoro

Call Name: Jewels
Born: October 13, 2016
Sire: Monarch’s Prince Royal (American)
Dam: Belladonna’s Kahlua and Mocha Delight (American)

Jewels is a total sweet heart and happy to greet anyone who comes by. He has sired perfect puppies before with other bitches and is often accompanied by his beautiful daughter Chloe who is a perfect red & white papillon. Jewels is outgoing, fearless, friendly and social with other dogs but will in some cases try to be the dominant male. He is particular about how he likes to be pet and if you mess up he is quick to correct you and put you back on the right track. He has a great personality, beautiful markings and a very think coat of wool. Jewels is orginally from America and followed his owner to Greece when they decided to relocate. Jewels is now KOE registered in Greece. Note: Jewels is not owned by Olympic Lemonade.

*This line does not exist in Europe and is good for genetic diversity. Trujoys is an award winning kennel, as well as Monarch and Belladonna.

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